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Olga Krokhina

Olga Krokhina Wedding ceremony

Got photos from the wedding ceremony, we with parents and friends are in complete awe! Volodya and Masha, this is definitely your calling😊 the Process of training transfer and the ceremony itself passed in a clear, easy and exactly as we wanted)) in terms of design we didn't have specific realizing what we want, because looking at your work, the eyes diverge)) But you get the idea and did everything exactly as we had imagined. Great emotions and photo for😘😘😘 Now we buy packs of frames 😆 THANK you!❤

Victoria Konchenkova

Victoria Konchenkova Wedding photo shoot

Choosing a photographer is not easy) Especially when it's your wedding photo shoot, and when you nifiga not model)) and the choice was made correctly). To be photographed, we do not know how to pose too, plus the heat, the sun in my eyes, weird hair with lots of Polish)) But! The main thing is the result. and we liked it!) Thank you very much Vladimir) we are very happy! Without his help, tips on how to stand, where to look we could not have done). We wish you many new happy customers! Vika and Sasha) and advice to future models)) Choose clothes more carefully, how we carelessly approached this issue, still pants Eidapere would be more appropriate).😘

Maria Permitina

Maria Permitina Love Story photoshoot

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and the excellent organization of the photo shoot in Phuket! 🌴😎Well done😌😎luck to you and your beautiful проcolorния in business, family happiness and peace!😘

Alexandra Udenko

Alexandra Юденко Wedding ceremony

We trusted You one of the most important days in our lives and not wrong!) thank you for a magical day and warm memories 🌴photo and video is just super 👏 we are happy ☺ I wish you success and more newlyweds

Irina Shevchenko

Irina Shevchenko Individual photo shoots

Masha and Volodya, I would like to sincerely pollowaari you for the gorgeous photo shoot and 100% conceived. The atmosphere of the shooting was incredible and I got a lot of impressions, emotions and inspiration from our work together. Photos unreal, just super! I am very blaweary and with pleasure we will arrive again to create many more masterpieces 🙏😍

Julia Zeynalov Princess Leia photos

Julia Zeynalov Individual photo shoots

I can not Express my admiration of the collage! Initially when choosing a photographer caught a stunning treatment of Mary. We quickly written off and booked a recording date. Thanks for that Mary supported the idea to split the photoshoot into two parts: love story and thematic survey of the film Star wars! in the day of the shoot, I was perfectly transformed Elena, for some time was ready make and hair. Thanks for the quick and comfortable transfer to Vladimir! With Masha, we went to the island on a small boat that Bravo stormed waves))) the location is breathtaking in its beauty and diversity. We managed to make a lot of great shots, pam helped with a choice of poses, prompted and corrected. It was obvious that the photographer is interested in the best result, is doing his work with soul! The photos we received fast, almost a week after returning from Sunny Ty. and they really are incredibly beautiful and will be a real decoration of our family archives and my model portfolio! Wish TishlerStudio and then проcolorть, giving unforgettable moments.

Igor Tkachenko

Igor Tkachenko Wedding ceremony

Finally, we received their wedding photos, Maria,you are an Amazing person, such an approach to work, everything is left to chance. Again with you Vladimir, I want to Express my Bluehost, I have no words to Express all the emotions, everything is just amazing, you masters, thank you for the wonderful surprises, Decoration. Now pictures will complement our interior, making it homely and comfortable. Hope and in the future you will share our family holidays. Good luck and all the best!😊🤗

Alex She

Alex She Wedding ceremony

A big thank you to Vova and Masha for the well-organized wedding ceremony, photo and a video session. Despite the fact that I had to postpone everything for a few days due to rain, everything went great! You have a well chosen team of professionals👍 received photo and video aswell! Continue in the same spirit!

Anna Abramova

Anna Abramova Wedding ceremony

I would like pollowaari Maria and Vladimir for holding a wedding ceremony! Everything was as in a dream)) the need for Dreams to come true))) And Vladimir and Maria will help in all this! The photos were ready very quickly, the enthusiasm has no limits! Thanks again)))

Eugene Kite

Eugene Kite Wedding ceremony

Vladimir and Maria want to thank You very Bluehost for organising our wedding ceremony! Everything was as in a fairy tale! You are a great professional team. The photos turned out stunning, vivid, bright, sensual and, very importantly - natural. When we received the wedding photo - the words don't exist, emotions were over the edge!)) And live so all no words one positive emotions for the rest of my life!!! Continue in the same spirit, проcolorйте. A huge THANK You!!! You are SUPER!

Katerina Chernyshova

Katerina Chernyshova Wedding фотосессия

Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures! It is very difficult to find professionals, especially when you're in another country. However, we were immediately very attracted portfolio, clear Decoration of the site and of course, affordable prices! The guys helped us to think through the way and loaded up on all the photo shoot! Transfer to the island was very comfortable, and the place of the shooting there was nobody besides us. The photo shoot turned out great, helped us a lot Vladimir, who told a variety of poses and controlled our expressions)) Pictures received very quickly, with her husband in admiration! Thank you very much! Wish you creative development and more satisfied customers😽

Oksana Bazarov

Oksana Bazarov Wedding ceremony

Dear✨ and now favorite💕 and family Vladimir and Maria, THANK YOU very much for🤗 that gave us a real holiday 🎊🎉 Such important for us day, you could make the most wonderful✨, magic and most importantly ☝ unforgettable!!! It really was very cool👍, professionally👌 and just at the highest level!!! Choosing you we have never regretted and were just MEGAvolume😃 the organization of the ceremony in the temple, Shuttle service, island, Decoration, the ceremony itself and of course the long-awaited photos exceeded all expectations 🤗🤗🤗you just krutetskaya team of professionals!!! We wish You a movement forward🎯, development of your business and most importantly harmony,love❤ and happiness to your family👪 Thanks 😘😘😘

Dmitry Malik

Dmitry Malik Wedding ceremony

Thank you Volodya,Masha, and their team for organizing a great wedding ceremony. The guys know their job very well, it is seen that working professionals👍👍👍. Thank you for your attention and sensitivity. We have never regretted and are very pleased that appealed to You.

Irina Romanova

Irina Romanova Wedding photo shoot

Volodya, thank you for the beautiful, vivid and delicate pictures!!! Working with you was a pleasure, always told how beautiful to stand, sit and so on We are very happy with the result!! We wish You interesting projects and successes in work!!!!! THANKS again🌸

Julia Skopenko

Julia Skopenko Love Story Photoshoot

Vladimir , thank you so much for the beautiful space pictures . It is a memory of a lifetime and a wonderful gift to us on our wedding anniversary ! You rock , all organized , in one breath , super quality ! If we are in your area , photos only for you ! I wish you new creative ideas , more customers ! Sincerely, the family Skopenko !

Ulyana Kireeva

Ulyana Kireeva Wedding ceremony

Got pictures from the wedding ceremony! We are in an indescribable delight!!!🤩🤩🤩 This tale bears still💥 Saw in the inst, signed up and started to "get" Vladimir very long before the wedding🙈 🙏 🏻 thank you for your patience. I could not believe that it will all be with us, but Masha and Volodya are wonderful, sociable, with them so easy🤗 Guys, you are great, you are very cool! Pros in one word👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Cool that you are just doing your job, and live her. We, of course, is not a model with us and it was hard, but Marie....I can't find the words, you're a magician😍 Very glad that got acquainted with you! Will recommend to all, masters of their craft! If I choose a photo shoot in Phuket, it is just you!!!!😍

Dacula Burkova

Dacula Burkova Wedding photo shoot

Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures😍 Memories now for life! Professionals! We with the husband happy, pleasant in communication, high-quality photos👌🏻👌🏻

Adelina Suleymanov

Adelina Suleymanov Photo shoot with Arch

Huge Bluehost want to Express Maria and Vladimir for a gorgeous photo shoot😍 I am in awe! You are the professionals. Photoshoot was very fun and relaxed))thanks that helped with choice arches. Very very pleased with your work😊

Sergey Pirogov

Sergey Pirogov Wedding photo shoot

Want pollowaari guys for your work! for us it was difficult because we are never in such участVovaли not, I think that Masha is no stranger, she helped us to relax and work the camera! All at the highest level! Makeup for girls, Shuttle service, the work of the photographer. It was interesting to wriggle, to follow instructions and most importantly in the end to get great pictures! We got an interesting experience, talked with interesting people. Guys, thank you very much!!!👍👍👍

Ira Khutornoi

Ira Khutornoi Wedding photo shoot

Thank you very much for the gorgeous photo shoot😘,which in time sent us😇 passed with flying colours,ranging from comfortable transport to the island, with Maria at the shoot was very comfortable(which is very not important enough),she's on to us and it was a great result.All the advice

Andrei Majorin

Andrei Majorin Wedding photo shoot

Thank You for held a photo session! It so happened that in 10 minutes before the start of the shoot we were thrown a photographer with whom we had agreed 2 weeks before the visit to Phuket! and the next day, Maria, Vladimir and Elena were our saviors! The first indicator of professionalism is adherence to schedule! Elena made a very cool hair style and makeup! Vladimir took us to the island and with him we had our photo shoot! Very cheerful and positive person, gave us tips on how to uncover the photographer, as in this case we "hemp")) On arrival home, after 2 weeks, sent us photos, to say that they are cool, is the minimum of all positive words which exist in the Russian language)) we Will recommend Your team, we wish You further development and sea customers!) Family Majoring!

Olga Oshlokova

Olga Oshlokova Wedding photo shoot

Volodya, thanks a lot for the pictures! They are just unreal)) it is Impossible for them to look even and I can't believe it was with us! You are a master of his craft, and very pleasant in person! Everything went great despite the rain) All recommend!!!!!!!

Maria Mikhailik

Maria Mikhailik Wedding ceremony

Vladimir and Maria thank You so much!!! You have fulfilled our dream to hold a wedding ceremony on the Islands❤You are great!!! Professionals!!! A photo I just every day ready to review))) how beautiful everything🤗 We wish You more customers🙌 in Phuket Will call you back☝Want another love story to make😌

Natalia Lis

Natalia Lis Love story photoshoot

Guys, which want to come back again and again!!!! 3 year ago these people made us the most memorable day in my life!!! Which was at the highest level 💞and so we returned again 😊 and of course could not take a family photo shoot. Pictures received very quickly! They now bask in the cold Moscow)))) Thank you so much!!!

Vladimir Malyshev

Vladimir Malyshev Wedding ceremony

I want to Express oooooooo Bluehost for the ceremony😘Maria and Vladimir, you are the best photographers and the super team of organizers! The pictures are just magical!!! This day will remain in memory forever. Thank you!!!

Irina Shkolina

Irina Shkolina Wedding photo shoot

A huge thank you from the family Shkolnyh☺ We felt very comfortable working with Mary, we easily found a common language😊Had a lot of ideas, and then it got a lot of photos😊👍Very nice😊If you come to Phuket, be sure to get a photo shoot😊

Daria Karepova

Daria Karepova Individual photo shoots

Guys,thank you for such vivid photos📸 With Masha was so easy to work with,which is important in this process) in Addition to the beautiful photos I received a lot of positive emotions) On the boat ride I have been On a desert island and just had a great time😉 thanks🙏🏼

Julia Schaeffer

Julia Schaeffer Wedding photo shoot

Thank You for the wonderful pictures!! The photographer had to work very easily) liked everything very much) and most importantly the result exceeded all expectations) thank you very much for this beauty!))

Sofia Malekhanov

Sofia Malekhanov Wedding ceremony

Want to say a huge thank you to the entire team with Studio for organizing and conducting our wedding ceremony. Completely trusted in the selection color and the idea. Everything was done great, the beauty in everything, down to the last detail. Now admire our pictures and remember this heavenly place! Very nice and easy to work with, good luck to you, you're cool!

Daria Kozik

Daria Kozik Wedding ceremony

Unforgettable, magical, fairy-tale wedding can be organized only by professionals! Vladimir and Maria are the ones who need for holding the best weddings! Guys to each find a special approach, to help tips and embody dreams in a reality! Every detail is made very carefully and gently, starting from the small flower, ending with the choice of fabric for tent decorations. Trusting them, you will never regret!

Irina Korsakova

Irina Korsakova Wedding ceremony

I want to Express great Bluehost the whole team with Studio for organizing and hosting our wedding! The guys are great professionals...consider all wishes of the client...for me is very important...from makeup and hairstyles to the number and color of flowers!!! With you was very easy and nice! Special thanks to Mary for the magical pictures...it's a tale which will last a lifetime!!! Thank you so much!!!

Rita Revman

Rita Revman Wedding ceremony

I want to Express huge Bluehost team with Studio for organizing our wedding! When discussing design, we chose only the color scheme of the celebration and in the rest of trusted professionals. The result exceeded our expectations: elegant combination of colors, all the details thought to detail, there are no words! Private Bluehost photographer Mary for such living, such emotional pictures. You guys are true professionals, thank You very much! Working with Your team was easy and comfortable!

Christina Lot's

Christina Lot's Photo shoot with Arch

I want to Express huge thanks to Maria and Vladimir!The main advantage of before a photo shoot is that I talked for 2 months with Vladimir,and with no payment,and it ogromny plus in that they trust!!!And in spite of the heat has passed all successful and fun. Maria advised how to stand,where to look and etc in total and not had to napryagatsya😊😊😊And by the way, my husband does not like to be photographed but this photo session he gave it 100% and now looking at the photo remembers this day,and these nice people-Maria and Vladimir. Want a comfortable fotosesiu and vivid photos, then only for them😎😎😎, Spasibooo👫❤❤❤

Maria Nemtin

Maria Nemtin Wedding ceremony

Thank You for our ceremony. Comfortable and pleasant accompaniment of the process of preparation. Vivid, bright, colorful pictures! You gave us the emotions that will remain with us forever! It was a pleasure working with You ❤!R

Anna Povarova

Anna Povarova Wedding ceremony

I rarely leave reviews, but I can not write. The ceremony that I wanted and imagined himself in the head was not implemented. In fact, everything was 100% BETTER, more COLORFUL, and exceeded all my expectations😊 People I'm very meticulous, keep an eye on every detail, but here is why I immediately trusted, saying only that want tent-arc. The color will be determined helped, for that special thank you. Everything was fun, back, even the rain did not spoil our mood))) When I received the photos, reviewed them 5 times and did not believe that the pictures we have! Thank you for fulfilling my little dream 😊

Yulia Olesova

Yulia Olesova Wedding ceremony

Thanks a lot Masha and Vova👏👏👏made a real feast!!all as dreamed of and wanted...I loved people and the sound of the sea☺☺Thanks for an individual approach,taking into account every detail and little thing.everything went well!great photo proof!!!you big Umnichki👍👍

Olka Konovalov

Olka Konovalov Individual photo shoots

Thank you so much for fabulous photos. You wizards! Masha, you separate many thanks! Working with you is fun, no tension is not felt throughout the shooting. If you're in Thailand, be sure to order a photo session! Will not only get gorgeous photos on the memory of Paradise, but and a real pleasure and a positive charge of the whole process!

Angelina Starovoytova

Angelina Starovoytova Individual photo shoots

Comrades, if you decided to diversify your vacation a photo shoot, these guys are what you need! This was my first photoshoot and I think she succeeded and believe me, not without the help of a wonderful photographer! Do not forget that the photo is not only kinky the pictures, but bomber and emotions!

Alena Esipova

Alena Esipova Family photo shoot

A huge thank you to your family for the wonderful pictures🙏🏻 can't get the whole family😍 never regretted that trust you! Very good memories about the day of the shooting, and from the result just in awe! Thank you very much!!!

Anton Kutergin

Anton Kutergin Wedding photo shoot

Our Bluehost for positive time at the photo shoot and of course for the quality of the photo!

Irina Bondarenko

Irina Bondarenko Individual photo shoots

I want to say thank you and to Express my deep Bluehost Vladimir for a nice day of photo shoot. After 2 weeks, we received your photos and was pleasantly surprised, they are simply divine!!! Vova is really a professional photographer who knows his business, and just wonderful and warm person with incredible energy). Thanks again, You проcolorния and creative ideas....!!)P. S I hope this is not our last photo shoot!

Ksyusha Devyatkina

Ksyusha Devyatkina Family photo shoot

Thank you so much for the photo shoot in Phuket, time spent and emotions from the resulting photographs are priceless. Great job!! We wish success and new achievements!

Daria Gorodnyanskiy

Daria Gorodnyanskiy Wedding photo shoot

You guys are the bomb💣💣💣to say that I am in love, nothing to say)) great photo, we are very happy, the parents cry of happiness)) it is Very easy and fun everything was at the photo shoot)) and more importantly that everything in time)) you have done great job))

Olya Ovechkin

Olya Ovechkin Wedding photo shoot

Thank you guys for the wedding photo shoot. We spent time with pleasure, got a lot of pleasant experiences.You masters👍 service at the highest level. The pictures are just magical, we are in love. If we are in your area - be sure to use your services. Friends have taken and we're with happy to recommend.

Love Skrypak

Love Skrypak Love story photoshoot

We got just a wonderful photo shoot in Phuket! It was the best gift that we made ourselves on the anniversary of svdby. Photographer perfectly caught the mood and pictures in the end, I want to revisit again and again!

Karina Ponomareva

Karina Ponomareva Wedding photo shoot

Thank you so much guys for such gorgeous pictures📷😍😍😍😍all the relatives in delight,lined up in the queue to print them out😊absolutely everyone wants to hang them in frames on the walls,and how we want it😌😀everything was at the highest level,starting with the transfer🚘,ending an extraordinary island🌊🌴👰🏽,the photos were ready so quickly that we did not even have time more in Russia to return🇷🇺Huge spasiiibo😉

Alesya Bekker-Tkachenko

Alesya Bekker-Tkachenko Love story photo shoot on Phi Phi

I want to say a huge thanks to the guys from the Tropics for a great job! pictures of aerobatics! All in the wild delight!Makeup at the highest level! I wish you luck, more customers and проcolorния your wonderful team! Thanks again)

Alexander Lednev

Alexander Lednev Wedding photo shoot on a yacht

Thanks to the guys from the Tropics, organized and coordinated work, great mood while shooting and a nice result! and especially pleased that the photos were received in a short period of time! Thank you very much!

Hope, Kuguk

Hope, Kuguk Love Story

You guys has to itself with the first minutes of communication. The whole process of shooting took place in an incredibly friendly, cozy and comfortable atmosphere! We have never regretted that it was addressed to you, the real professionals. The photos turned out vibrant, colorful that I want to watch again and again!!) Very pleased and happy)) thank you so much for the wonderful pictures!

Elena Tsvetkova

Elena Tsvetkova Family photo shoot

The photograph is a fixed moment in our lives. There are times that I want to always remember and to remember to the smallest detail. The photo session, we waited with impatience ,but we always had bad luck with the weather and we postponed the shoot. Vladimir reassured us and said that the sun must come out. Bluegra optimism and patience we were lucky - in the last day of the holiday the sun came out and the rain has stopped. Volodya was able to catch the moments of our little summer in Phuket. Photo shoot turned in an interesting journey to the island. The shooting took place easily and naturally. and here we have their photos)))))) Delight!!! They are happiness, our heartfelt emotions,interesting camera angles and highlights. Bluegra care to detail and individual approach , Volodya is impossible to achieve great results. Thank You Volodya!!! Wish you huge success!!!!

Marina Klimenko

Marina Klimenko Photo shoot love story

We Express our sincere Bluehost guys for an unforgettable experience from our long-awaited vacation, which is depicted in the lovely photos! for me it was the first experience of participating in a photo shoot with a professional photographer, but the guys from the Tropics was able to liberate us, we with my young man just enjoyed the process of shooting and the beauty of nature Paradise of Phuket! We are very pleased - photo vivid, summer - long memory.) returning home to his native Kamchatka after a hot Thailand, we once again caught in the snow captivity, but the photos we received in the mail, made us happy and gave hope in the imminent onset of summer), many friends were wondering, who exactly did such stunning pictures, and we with pleasure recommend to all the services of the guys from the Tropics! Thank you very much, that graced our holiday with bright colors!!!

Alina Chernova

Alina Chernova Photoshoot On a desert island

Guys, thank You very much for such an interesting photo session and fabulous photos. We now recommend You to all=)

Julia Golovin

Julia Golovin Photo shoot love story

I want to say a HUGE THANK you to Maria and Vladimir !!!!!!!!!!!!! We with the husband of 9 years in marriage. wedding was modest. No white dress, no beautiful photos... of Course, then it was not important, the important thing is that we were together. But in my heart I wanted to have beautiful wedding photos (even thought the second times to get married...) just Kidding!!!! )))) No one year I dreamed about it!!! (on the photo ))) ) As they say "Dreams come true" !!!!!! in January would be vacationing in Thailand. in the Internet I found "photo Shoot, photographer in Phuket", phoned, chose the date and that was the beginning of the realization of my dream!!!!!! in the appointed time, Maria and Vladimir took us on a Thai boat on the mini island. Besides us there was nobody there, it is happy )) More than an hour the guys with us worked. I have such emotion and joy was not long ago. It's like we again visited for his wedding. EVERYTHING WAS JUST SUUUPER!!!!!!!!Not passed and two weeks since we sent photos by email. mail. Of course they were waiting for!!!!!!!!!! The result exceeded expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Photos turned out bright, juicy, rich... just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pardon the expression) No words - some emotions!!!!!!!!! And I could not imagine what they are so I like it!!! Goose bumps )))) move away from the computer for hours )))) Admire!!!!! ))))))) Husband is also in awe of how and all of our friends and loved ones!!!!!!AGAIN, THANK YOU, THAT HELPED ME REALIZE MY DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!! SUCCESS to YOU HUGE and MORE CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate Larushkina

Kate Larushkina Wedding ceremony

Guys, thank You very much for the work!!! We were in awe of the wedding photos! The whole ceremony was held in a very light environment with regard to all our wishes. With all your team was very pleasant to work with!!! You are the best! Thank you very much for our holiday!!!

Yulia Naumenko-Grankina

Yulia Naumenko-Grankina Wedding ceremony

I want to Express a Huge thank you from our new, as yet small family for the most magical day in the Kingdom of Thailand)))!!!!! Entire team with Studio for organizing the ceremony and create a fabulous image of a bride)))Talented photographers Mary and Ambisome for a unique, magical and elegant photography)))))))We are very pleased that appealed to you, and you did not disappoint. Such a Beautiful memory for life))) Thank you very much guys)))it Was very nice to spend with you this time))))!!!!!

Natalia Eliseeva

Natalia Eliseeva Wedding photo shoot

Vladimir and Maria, I want to thank You very Bluehost for joy! After all, photos are a memory, the more such luxury! We are very lucky with You, ALL YOU RECOMMEND!!!!! We wish You continued проcolorния! THANK you again!)))

Katerina Solovieva

Katerina Solovieva Individual photo shoots

Dear guys, I am now very far from Phuket, we had all day rain and generally routine and this is normal everyday life, but I have something, something very precious for me, something that will stay with me until the end of life and will delight me, wherever I was. Yes, I of course about my wonderful, bright, juicy, Sunny, atmospheric, memorable and unique photo shoot that you did to me, guys. I'm one of those people who appreciate the moments, but that, as no photo will best help to keep everything in memory? Thank you dear guys, you are giving not only happiness in the possession of "stop the most beautiful moments of life", but also and give a wonderful mood. You are giving a holiday that is always with me:)))

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