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Wedding in Phuket

Your personal preferences - the only thing that determines the wedding in Thailand: the cost is determined by the style of registration and additional conditions. Below you can choose one of the five options. Whatever option you choose, your holiday will be perfect! If you are interested in a wedding in Thailand, prices of 2018 you can find out the details, contact to us.

Wedding ceremony

European style with a choice of venue

from $800

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Wedding with guests

Several private venues for the ceremony with relatives

from $950

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Wedding at the Villa

At a bird's eye height with a panoramic view of the sea

from $2900

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Wedding on a yacht

Wedding on a yacht and a cruise on the Andaman Sea is a bright adventure with a wedding ceremony on board a ship

from $2200

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Traditional Thai wedding ceremony

Thai ceremony in the temple and a combined version with a European ceremony

from $500

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How much does a wedding in Thailand cost?

Phuket is called a paradise on earth or a pearl of the Andaman Sea. It is a favorite holiday destination for Russian tourists and one of the most picturesque places in the whole world. Not surprisingly, many newlyweds choose Phuket for the wedding ceremony. If you dream that the day of your wedding was held in an unusual exotic and romantic atmosphere, then Thailand is exactly that option! Infinite azure sea, pure white sand, bright tropical nature - everything here is for a holiday, pleasure, love.
Practical advantages: Apart from the fact that Wedding in Phuket is incredibly beautiful and original, it is also convenient for honeymooners and their loved ones.
1. Low price. Considering how much a wedding is worth in Thailand, many newlyweds have found out that they can save a lot. First, in Russia, an out-going marriage ceremony is more expensive. Secondly, you combine the celebration of marriage and a honeymoon, and a two-in-one package is always cheaper.
2. There are no seasonal restrictions. Thailand has heat all year round, so you can plan an event when you want it. Any season is suitable for a magnificent wedding in Phuket. Prices for air travel at the same time can vary therefore it is really possible to choose quite inexpensive options.
3. A stunning photo shoot is guaranteed. Fantastic landscapes, a sea of ​​flowers, a gentle sun - what you need for a wedding photo shoot. You can bring home photos and videos that will help you remember the wedding day as the most pleasant moment in your life.
4. A holiday for all. Considering the fact that the wedding in Thailand is held, the prices for rest are low, the invited guests will be able to spend their vacation or vacation together with you. Phuket is suitable for those who prefer relaxation in solitude, and fans of noisy parties, fireworks, discos.                         

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