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Wedding on a yacht

A light breeze, emerald shimmering, the echoes of exotic birds, gorges of the coast of Phuket. What could be more romantic and desirable? Except that the most expensive and beloved man near and the dreams of a carefree future together that will be as easy and lovely as a breath of warm wind and the smell of fresh flowers Thailandа. You believe, we invite You in a story? No – we offer You a wedding on a yacht in Phuket, which will be the most exciting and memorable day in your life.

Ceremony packages

  • Transfer for a pair of newlyweds to the pier and back
  • Cruise on a sailing catamaran, decorated colorми and decorations
  • Hair and makeup for the bride
  • Wedding ceremony in European style aboard the yacht
  • Accessories in a single color scheme: certificate, decorated glasses
  • Bottle of cold champagne
  • Fruit and lunch on the boat
  • Bridal bouquet, boutonniere for the groom
  • Sand ceremony
  • Music
  • Photoshoot on a yacht
  • Photoshoot on the island
  • Bathing in the sea after the ceremony
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Coordinator
  • Wet and dry napkins, drinking water
  • Total: You get 130 retouch photos + all the footage

- 1 -

Choose a package of services, flower design and date

- 2 -

Draw up a contract

- 3 -

When you fly to the island Phuket, write or call us and we agree on a meeting, we hold a meeting in your hotel

- 4 -

At the meeting we discuss the details and time of the meeting and you pay 50% of the remaining amount, the balance amount is paid after the event, the amount is paid in dollars

- 5 -

On the appointed day in the morning a make-up artist comes to your hotel ( with him you will discuss the image on viber, whatsapp or by phone)

- 6 -

At the appointed time, a shuttle will arrive and take you to the venue of the ceremony

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Wedding ceremony in открытом море

Это не просто прогулка на яхте. Это – настоящее торжество, которое подчеркнет эксклюзивность события, создаст особую атмосферу праздника, который может быть только раз. and мы поможем подготовиться к столь важному мероприятию, возьмем на себя: аренду яхты, трансфер молодоженов and гостей, а также фуршет. Дополнительно вы можете взять in свадебное Dress на прокат for невесты, Decoration яхты, визаж, живые and эмоциональные photo and видео от наших фотографов and видеографов. Wedding on a yacht – это воплощение мечты любой влюбленной пары о лучшем бракосочетании. and мы готовы подарить вам эти незабываемые минуты and часы. and пусть это путешествие станет началом новой роскошной совместной жизни, полной только положительных and светлых эмоций.

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