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What can be more romantic than a wedding in a heavenly corner in the circle of only the closest and beloved people? Preparation for the celebration, vanity and pre-wedding excitement exhausted and significantly hampered the feeling of boundless happiness. Organization of a wedding in Thailand by professionals will save you from pre-wedding stress and turn this memorable day into a real fairy tale. A wedding in Thailand, Phuket can be held with observance of European traditions and ceremonies on the beach of a private beach, on an uninhabited island surrounded by exotic plants and flowers. For fans of traditional celebrations, a holiday can be held on the green lawn. Also at your service are luxurious villas, yachts or Buddhist temples. Any your desire will be embodied in accuracy and nothing will overshadow this coveted day.

Special offer

Mini wedding

from $550

Thinking about holding a wedding in Thailand? A mini wedding ceremony in Phuket is an ideal option for newlyweds who want to save money without losing quality. The celebration is held on the island 7 minutes from Phuket. At such a holiday, guests may also be present.

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Price and description

Wedding ceremonies

from $800

The organization of a wedding in Thailand in a traditional European style, surrounded by beautiful scenery, warm, affectionate, enveloping air is the best solution for an unforgettable celebration. The ceremony is held for any number of guests who will be comfortably accommodated. A wedding in Thailand can be held: On the beach with palm trees. The proximity of the sea, a gentle surf and a light breeze will be the most romantic place to say "Yes." On an uninhabited island, away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, alone with a loved one. On a green lawn surrounded by exotic fragrant flowers, loved ones and loved ones. The wedding agency will create a real paradise fairy tale for two lovers of hearts.

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Price and description

Wedding with guests in the villa

from $950

Loving hearts that combine together strive to turn a traditional ritual into a real fairy tale. A wedding with guests in the villa of Phuket will provide the necessary surroundings for an unforgettable celebration of this new family's birthday. The ceremony can be organized at the best venues in the best traditions of European weddings with a gala banquet and a rich evening program. A wedding in Thailand, in a luxury villa with a green lawn and the opportunity to have a festive dinner for all guests, will leave an indelible impression and will charge you with happiness for many years. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of holding a wedding in Thailand - the prices allow you to do this without any special financial investments. The happiness and well-being of a family is priceless.

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Traditional Thai ceremony

from $500

The sacrament of connecting two loving hearts in a Buddhist temple will correctly set the couple for a harmonious spiritual union. The organization of weddings in Phuket is the best way to spend a holiday in the exotic atmosphere of the largest Buddhist temple with a number of special rituals and ceremonies. The unique and unique architectural temple complex, the glitter of gold and the elegance of interior decoration are the perfect decor for the happiest moment in life. The professionals of the wedding agency completely take care of the organization of the wedding in Thailand, Phuket in the heart of the divine temple. The celebration will be the most memorable event in life, the birth of a new family.

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Price and description

Wedding on a yacht

from $2200

A wedding in Thailand on a yacht in the middle of the Andaman Sea, with out observing strict requirements to rituals, ceremonies and solemn outfits attracts newlyweds who do not think themselves in the framework of classical celebrations. The boundless sky, white sandy beaches, picturesque secluded bays - the most romantic and beautiful entourage and decor of the dream holiday. Despite the fact that the holiday on the yacht is not a cheap pleasure, a wedding in Thailand (prices of 2019) is quite affordable, if the organization of the celebration will be practiced by real professionals. The wedding agency will prepare an ideal celebration taking into account the requirements of the married people and make the dream a real fairy tale. Memory of this moment the newlyweds will carry with them through all the years of a long and happy life.

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We offer services for video filming of weddings on the island of Phuket and other provinces of Thailand. Also corporate celebrations and other events.


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