Tropica Wedding PhuketTropica Wedding Phuket
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We offer a large selection of additional services for weddings in Phuket.

Arches and decor Phuket

Arches and decor

Makeup Artist & Hairstylist Phuket

Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

от 65$
Wedding dress for rent Phuket

Wedding dress for rent

от 100$
Wedding bouquet Phuket

Wedding bouquet

от 50$
Steaming wedding dresses Phuket

Steaming wedding dresses

от 10$
Wreath on the head of flowers Phuket

Wreath on the head of flowers

от 35$
Живая музыка Phuket

Music Band / DJ

от 200$
Photo shoot with elephant Phuket

Photo shoot with elephant

Wedding cake Phuket

Wedding cake

от 50$
Dinner on the beach Phuket

Dinner on the beach

от 75$
Yacht Charter Phuket

Yacht Charter

от 750$
Helicopter flight Phuket

Helicopter flight

от 1500$

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